Inspire program

Every entrepreneur needs the right dose of inspiration in the long journey ahead

Posted by Mokshada Taurah & Jeffry Damien Yeung Ki

Knock and the door shall open and if you don’t have the keys, then you might consider the Turbine Inspire program to help open the doors of your future award-winning business. For every entrepreneur , the right coaching is crucial for success in the ever-changing business environments and consumer markets.

Turbine Inspire

A fully well-planned program to make you step out of your comfort zone ; the Inspire program is one of the very few that provides free workshops to aspiring entrepreneurs who throughout a period of 7 weeks, commit their time, passion and efforts towards their beginnings in entrepreneurship. It is aimed at those who see themselves as Entrepreneurial Leaders and are in need of the framework to help make their dreams a reality.

In 2017, the team of young aspiring entrepreneurs from AVR Plato Technology took part in the program attending seven weekly workshops and learning the different elements of a business model. They learned what could be beneficial in team formation, pitching to investors and the meaning of what it means to be an entrepreneur. At the end of the inspire workshop, they were invited to pitch their business idea to a panel of investors. Through the program Shameer and Tabi have learnt about the lean model canvas, the value proposition canvas and how to apply it but for them, it was all part of an ongoing process that they have set themselves on. The program was another opportunity to refine their knowledge, "what Inspire gave us is the ability to see things from the perspective of a customer", says Shameer

Those different steps helped the team to refine what they had built in the MIT GSL in terms of how to hone the focus of their short-term objectives and the actions they must take to achieve their longer-term goals. The Inspire program was a turning point in the arduous but rewarding journey that is entrepreneurship, as well as the beginning of their incubation at Turbine in 2018.

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